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Tankus the Henge - Jenn chats with Jaz Delorean

If you haven't experienced the brilliance of Tankus the Henge, rectify that as soon as you can!

The guys played at Peace, Shangri-La this Glastonbury, and it was something very special at 4am on a Sunday morning! It is every time they play, to be honest.

If you missed them at Glasto, Tankus are playing Valley Fest soon (August 2024). They tour pretty relentlessly, so whether you're in Somerset or not, you're bound to find somewhere you can catch them.

Right here, you can also hear Jenna chatting with frontman, songwriter, musician, and piano dancer extraordinaire, Jaz Delorean. They spoke a while back, and here's a little re-edit just for you (and a shout out to awesome photographer Mark Pickthall for the images taken when Tankus played the Field of Avalon). 


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