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 A new radio station for Somerset is on the way!

Starstruck? Josh Dury is! 


Yes! Photographer Josh Dury is for sure, because he's taken this absolutely stunning photograph, 'Starstruck', which has just been published in the run up to Glastonbury Festival. 

How did the photo come about? How much planning went into it (it features Orion, so you can probably guess the answer to that one!) When did Josh take up photgraphy and specialise in astro photography, and how is he planning on getting this capture into the hands of Grace Jones ? Well, for all this and much more, have a listen to Jenna's chat with Josh. 

Just press play below (and thank your lucky stars! ;))



The Red Dress - the next installment

Listen to Jenna's latest chat with The Red Dress project creator, artist Kirstie Macleod, as the dress returns home to Somerton.

More latest highlights - just press play!

Let's take a narrowboat trip together...  

How about taking a trip down the Bridgwater and Taunton canal with Jenna? And who better to be our skipper for the journey, than Ryan Chorley who runs the Somerset Boat Centre in North Newton. Ryan chats about life on the canal, what’s happening at the boat centre and loads more besides, including how you can get out on the canal and paddle for a tenner until September! Jenna also has a go at driving Somerset, the pride of the fleet... so jump aboard if you're brave enough (ha!) and let’s head off down the beautiful Somerset waterways for some peace, tranquility, and adventure. 

Hear the first Red Dress interview

The Red Dress is back at ACEArts Somerton! The project, conceived by artist Kirstie Macleod, provides an artistic platform for women around the world to tell their personal stories through embroidery - and it's become a global phenomenon. Constructed out of 87 pieces of burgundy silk dupion, the garment has been worked on by 367 women/girls, 11 men/boys and 2 non-binary artists from 51 countries. Back in 2022, Jenna had the pleasure of chatting with Kirstie about The Red Dress, about how it was conceived, and about the journey that Kirstie and the contributing artisans have been on. You can hear that interview here by just pressing play. The Red Dress will be at ACEArts from June 1st-29th... and everyone is excited! 


Kiri Pritchard-McClean's funny foster journey

Comedian Kiri Pritchard-McLean's had a busy few years... hosting Live at the Apollo, fronting the Radio 4 panel show Best Medicine, and then there's her podcast about serial killers! 

She's also become a foster parent and until now, she hasn’t been able to talk about it on stage. She's only just told the kids in her care that she’s a comedian... and what her real name is! Kiri's tour, Peacock, is all about her foster journey and she's bringing it to the Taunton Brewhouse in September. Here, we chat all about it. Before we do though, there's the little matter of her learning Welsh to find out more about...  

cheddar brooch

Treasure troves & the Cheddar brooch

The Cheddar brooch was unearthed by a local detectorist and is on display at the Museum of Somerset. Recently it returned 'home' to visit Cheddar village where it  previously lay in the ground, untouched for over 1000 years! Court House Retirement Home hosted a surprise visit where residents saw the brooch up close. We were there too, chatting to residents about the brooch and about their own special treasures as part of a new project in conjunction with the South West Heritage Trust, Treasure Troves.You'll be able to listen to all the joy of the conversation right here, very soon. ​

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